Feel Good Yoga


9:00 am -

10:00 am

Feel Good Yoga Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Welcome the weekend with a ritual of Feel Good Yoga with Amberleigh Burns. This yin-and-yang fusion vinyasa class will serve yogis in all levels, from exploratory beginners to intermediate yogis seeking to expand their practice. Our well-rounded flows include a balance of heat-building in the body with asana and tension release from deep within our tissues in rejuvenating yin postures. The yogi on the move throughout their day will have opportunities to find stillness and just be....the yogi spending hours in chairs and cars will have opportunities to find expressive movement and build strength. This class is curated to invite you to take what serves you. Classes are themed to explore yogic philosophy as well as pranayama and meditation. Let go of the stresses of your week, awaken into the present moment and heal. Recommended materials: yoga mat, strap, blanket, blocks (these items can be borrowed at the shala), water

Vinyasa Yoga


6:00 pm

This is an all levels vinyasa class taught by Brandon Moore. This class focuses on more than the physical breath to movement.  This class allows for you to dive deeper if you feel called to.  This is a class where you can reach into your mind, heart, and soul spaces.  This is a safe place to work with those energies, take what serves you, and let it assist beyond the mat space.  He will share yoga knowledge.  You will leave this class feeling better throughout your whole being.  

Candlelight Flow


6:00 pm

This gentle flow is a wonderful way to decompress and destress, as we unwind for the evening. Join Amber as she guides you through relaxing fluid motions, with a focus of connecting your breath to every movement allowing full presence to your body. Set in soft lighting, surrounded by safe battery operated candles, and open to all levels.

Slow Flow Yoga


9:00 am

This is an all levels yoga class taught by Paige Butzlaff. This class focuses on basic yoga asanas, breath,  and movement.  This class allows for you to follow Paige through a series of yoga warm-ups, moving to classic yoga sequences, while the pace is meditative, emphasizing peace and calming in body and mind. It is well- balanced between standing, seated, and floor postures.  It also includes core-building and hip openers.  Every cell in your body will feel more alive and awake.

Hatha Yoga

Fridays, 9:30 am

Join Suzi McKinney in this yoga practice combining breath, movement, and meditation.  The asanas (movements) can help your body become more flexible and strong. It is a gentle practice for all ability levels. This class can provide an opportunity to stretch, unwind, and release tension.  All levels welcome. 

Yoga Nidra

Some Wednesdays

10:00 am

Katherine Matthews will be leading this class.  Yoga Nidra is a meditation technique in which the practitioner is guided into a deep state of relaxation while remaining fully conscious and aware.  The entire class will be taught with the practitioner relaxing with eyes closed either lying down on their back, body on their mat, or in a supported reclined position. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, relieve tension in the body, quiet the mind, create healthy pranic (energy) flow, and promote better sleep.  This practice can also increase the capacity to observe the sensations and emotions that arise in the body without immediately reacting to them, helping one to become more mindful and connected to their higher self. No experience in meditation or yoga necessary. Suggested props include anything that will help the practitioner feel supported and comfortable in a still position for the class (such as a pillow, blanket, and/or yoga bolster.)

Restorative Yoga


9:00 - 10:00 am

Leslie Sikes teaches this peaceful, gentle-flowing, stress relieving class with a focus on relieving pain, rejuvenation, and healing.  Each class starts with pranayama (breath consciousness), and an energy tune-up to recharge our being.  Suitable for every "body."  Props needed may include bolsters or pillow, straps, yoga mat. 

Gentle Yoga


9:30 - 10:30 am

Lynn Crawford teaches this class to help improve your strength, flexibility, and mobility through standing and seated yoga poses.  This class will teach the fundamentals of yoga wile allowing you to progress at your own pace.  Stiff in the joints or can't touch your toes? No problem!  Yoga can loosen you up. Balance issues? Yoga will strengthen your core which will improve your balance.  You will walk out of class feeling better each time...Guaranteed!  Props may include straps and blocks. 

World Groove Dance Experience


6:00 pm

Groove is a dynamically interactive and creative group dance experience. With a great variety of music, Jan Stevens, the facilitator, will unite everyone in a simple movement or rhythm as you dance in your own unique way. While exploring a variety of styles and genres, you will experience a wide variety of movements from slow to heart-thumping and strength building cardio.  This is the perfect recipe for your body, mind, heart, and soul. It's also a way to just have fun!

T'ai Chi Chih - Level 2

Tuesdays and Thursdays,

4:00 - 5:00 pm

This class is for students who have had prior experience or classes with T'ai Chi Chih. The focus will be on refining the 19 movements by practicing together.  Teacher Gail Nieto will lead a guided practice twice a week.  The sessions will include a beginning "meet up" with an emphasis on an intention or focus for the practice, a 40-45 minute practice, a short reflective time, and a final time together to share our reflections.  Private classes are available to learn the fundamentals of the movements.  Once these are learned, the student can join the group practice sessions.  Contact Gail Nieto at to arrange a private lesson any day and time at your convenience.